Knitting, Crocheting and Weaving are core activities for the Wayuú indigenous culture


According to an old Wayúu legend, the spider taught Wayúu women artisans how to weave stories to remember them and to hand down to their children. Attached to the legend there’s a saying among Wayúu  women, “The woman who doesn’t know how to weave is no real woman.” 

The Wayuú people live in the desert state of La Guajira in northern Colombia, and have been knitting, crocheting and weaving for centuries. Each woven design carries a meaning that extends far beyond its aesthetic appeal and celebrates individuality and creativity.

Wayúu textile traditions are handed down from the older generation to the younger generation—typically from grandmothers to their granddaughters.  Yet, like many indigenous cultures, the young are seduced with the lure of modernisation and ¨better paying jobs¨ in towns and cities. 

Interested in the preservation of this traditional craftsmanship and ethnic culture, Procraftinations founder Angelica Salazar  is providing marketing and design consultancy to the artisan and designer communities in Colombia, with the aim of providing access to a broader international market to support sustainable community development in Colombia and South America.