Tanned Ethnic Werregue Fibre Bangle Bracelet

Embera Wounaan


Story of the Piece
➷ This bangle bracelet comes directly from the heart of exhuberant Pacific Coast rainforest of Colombia. It's made by the Embera-Wounaan indigenous community and skilfully woven by hand .The werregue is a fibre taken from a 30 m tall palm and many distinctive crafts are made with this organic fibre like plates, pots, baskets, and nowadays jewellery.
Bold colours and geometric patterns evoke the tradition and the uniqueness of the original tribal style. It's a work of art in itself, and no two are alike. The dyes used to give the earthy tones to this bangle are annatto seeds and the juice of the jagua fruit. 
Materials used
⎊Werregue Organic Fibre. 
⎊Natural Dyes
⎊1.5 inches width (2cm)
⎊2.5 inches diameter (6cm) 
⎊ The fibre provides a flexible "One size"
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