Cross Body Bag


➷. Stunning statement handmade piece for casual outfits.

➷.Super comfy way of carrying a handbag , there is a proven advantage to using cross body bags since they are designed to relieve strain from your shoulder. 

➷.Each mochila is one of a kind – you will never find two exactly the same. 
70% cotton, 30% acrylic thread.
25cm x 30cm. (approximately)

Story of the Piece
➷ Handwoven in La Guajira by female members of the indigenous Wayuu tribe (La Guajira, Colombia) using a weaving technique passed down for centuries from generation to generation. Each traditional ¨mochila¨ takes approximately 3 weeks to weave and results in a mochila of the highest quality.

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Shipped on its ®SUSU branded pouch bag. 



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